Some good reasons

to use venno

+ 60,000 Customers

And counting. With every event, our user group grows, with each new user being a possible future customer for your next event.

+ 115,000 Tickets Sold

Venno is tested and proven, with over 115,000 tickets sold on our platform, we know a thing or two about ticketing.

Real Support

You can always email us or call us and likely speak to one of the people that created this site.

Locally Developed

Venno is a small business created by music enthusiast competing against giants in the event ticket industry.

Buying tickets

We created Venno initially because we couldn't wrap our heads around why ticketing websites charged so much money for convenience fees. We wanted to create a user-friendly website where customers could easily purchase tickets to their favorite events without feeling like they were being ripped off. Since then, we've constantly updated and added features to the site while still maintaining our philosophy of charging the least amount possible.

Selling Tickets

Much like our low-cost philosophy of keeping price low for your customers, we decided that vendors shouldn't have to pay an exorbitant fee just to sell their tickets online. That's why when you use venno, unlike our competitors, we only charge you the credit card transaction fees that we get charged by our merchant.

"Trusted by Lovelife!"

So much more than a party, Lovelife is a movement, a message and a way of life aimed to inspire positivity far beyond the shores of our home of California. Honored to have housed some of the world's most notable DJs and producers, Lovelife promotes only the best in deep house with a dash of disco and a touch of tech.

Who We Are

The small yet talented team behind venno

Amin Eshaq

The Wildcard

Kris Zarif

The Looks

Brian White

The Muscle

Javan Nguyen

The Brains