AUF Presents: Shake Your Bucha

At JinBuCha
  • FEB 23
  • 10:00PM PST
  • San Diego , CA
  • JinBuCha

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Early bird - $5.00

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GA - $10.00

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The Afternoon Umbrella Friends return to the site where we held ANOTHER %^@*ING SECRET PARTY... But it looks like the secrets out! Join us as we transform JinBuCha into a small lights & umbrella filled Kombucha paradise. Where all are called upon from across the land to shaaake shake shake it! 

This time we've got an all star lineup featuring our friends TIAGO musicand Carlo Calvano, and Umbrella Friends residents Castillo, Tomcurllyfry, and the Astronaut Ghost. 

Just like last time, capacity at this location is HIGHLY LIMITED so don't expect for there to be tickets at the door! We'll see you there ♥