AUF Presents: Umbrella Nights #5

At The Kava Lounge
  • JUN 15
  • 09:00PM PDT
  • San Diego , California
  • The Kava Lounge

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Welcome to... 

β˜‚οΈπŸ”₯UMBRELLA NIGHTS πŸ”₯β˜‚οΈ

Join us for the fifth chapter of this story, written by local enthusiasts of disco, house, techno, and art.

Saturday, June 15th | 9pm-2am
The Kava Lounge, 21+
$10 Presale Tickets @ Venno.com

πŒ‚πŒ LINEUP πŒ‚πŒ

The Afternoon Umbrella Friends are happy to bring to you our most well rounded lineup yet, filled with talent from top to bottom. Heading the bill is Positive Language, our good friend and resident of the Staybad crew, who effortlessly blends together many different flavors of house and techno and never fails to impress. Backing him up, we have San Diego mainstay Taylor Houseman, Orange County local and musical anarchistl. Inner Kid, and the infamous and talented Sunrise Papi. This will be a night of music to remember.

πŒ‚πŒ WHAT TO EXPECT πŒ‚πŒ

As always, The Afternoon Umbrella Friends will be transforming this space with a combination of lights, colors, sounds, fabrics, cushions, good people, and good vibes, all for your comfort and pleasure ❀️🌚And don't forget the Milad Juice... 🍹

Please be prepared to join us in creating a fun, welcoming, and accepting space for alien life-forms of all colors and origins. πŸ‘½

πŒ‚πŒ VENDORS & ART πŒ‚πŒ

Stay tuned for information on the local vendors and artists we will be featuring on this night. If interested in doing art or vending at a future event, please DM us on our Facebook page πŸ’Œ