Karpe DM Halloween at the StarDust Room

At Butcher Shop
  • OCT 27
  • 10:05AM PDT
  • San Diego , Ca
  • Butcher Shop

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Karpe DM Presents 






A portal to the unimaginable!!!  Something else has landed here and is now possible to feel!!! 


Unleashing that sexy Karpe DM flair and maximal volume in a nonresidential area headlining major deejay RED SONYA!!! 


Another feminine touch by MEGALINA plus residents MARKODARKO & DRUMMER JOHN on duty for this spooky night!!!


Go-go dancing and choreographed eye candy performance by BLEU & LUNA!!! 


The legendary STARDUST, Las Vegas, will now continue to live on, with the sounds and auras of the European party islands afterdark, at it's original San Diego location!!!


Elated faces, dancing silhouettes, hugs and shaking hands. Characters pretending that this night will never end. House party atmosphere but in a restaurant converted into a club. Excitement in the air from the moment you walk in till the last deejay drop. Playful, mature people, dressed to impress, wishing only one thing...

that, which is already happening in front of their eyes in a blissful presence. What an eternity concept!  Every moment turned into an age. Carpe Diem...


We are featuring sophisticated three tear nightlife: dinning, lounging, and clubbing!!! This is a niche concept of parties interflowing deejays across the world with live instruments and acts by performance artists and dancers. It's an escape into the party scene posh European style. We are emanating the culture of the uninhibited expression of spirit in a letting go direction and without any further postponement. People-watching, meeting interesting people, networking, enjoying the dining experience or just vibing in the mesmerizing lights and premium quality sound midst beautiful positive and like minded people who don't take life for granted and take fun seriously. STARDUST ROOM has it all without all that downtown hassle.



5255 Kearney Villa rd

Fri Oct 27th 

9PM to 2AM

Kitchen open til 1AM

Table reservations: 858 565 2272


To ensure entry get presale tix here or $20 at the door:


*No tickets required with dinner reservation only


Karpe DM Mission Statement: 




We are connected to each other biologically to Earth chemically and to the universe atomically. The only sin is not to see the magic of it all. In essence, happiness is like anything else, a perspective, and you are as young as the energy that you eminate in a given moment. All of us have won the cosmic lottery simply by being alive. Nothing more needs to happen except the change in our own outlook. In life we keep finding ourselves at the only place where we can possibly be, so might as well dance, while we have a chance, because that we will never regret retrospectively. It's all good when we fly together in a sweet harmony above the rainbow so high. Dancers don't think evil thoughts. Thus, we are the force for good in the world. 


What a life

What a time to be free 

What a life 

What a time to be you 

and me





DJ MarkoDarko of Karpe DM 

Eur clubbing USA

It's like a little trip to Europe 










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