01 Karpe DM European Lounge

At Flora Bar & Kitchen
  • FEB 11
  • 08:00PM PST
  • Carmel Valley , San Diego County
  • Flora Bar & Kitchen

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Karpe DM 





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HEZBO (Spain) to headline and peak the NAUGHTY NAUGHTY VALENTINE'S into the night spiced up with CHRIS on the sax and DRUMMER JOHN on you know what, plus SAVVY DAME to turn it on at the party onset and BROOKIE BABY 

to break us the dance floor plus resident MARKODARKO with Karpe DM dancers GEMS & LUNA 


FLORA to be adorned for this evening only by abstract painting display of Diggie_Art. Pieces available for purchase!!! 


To ensure entrance buy presale tickets early by using the Venno link below. We do hit capacity. No Cover with dinner reservations. 




It's time to have an amazing time!!! I'm so excited that most of my energy is utilized to prevent me from flying away!!! Smiley people, familiar faces, and dancing silhouettes anywhere you turn. A house party atmosphere except in a club. Aura of palpable excitement from the moment you walk in till the last beat drop. Beautiful people dressed to the nines, letting go, midnight dancing, all immearsed in the moment, and wanting and needing only one thing...to dance!!!


FLORA is a place to be and be seen located in a North County, spotlighting sophisticated three tear nightlife: dinning, lounging, and clubbing!!! EUROPEAN LOUNGE at FLORA is a niche concept featuring audio and visual stimuli by interflowing deejays across the world with the live instruments and acts by performance artists and dancers. It's an escape into the party scene posh style, immearsed in the deep and sexy sounds of the European party islands after dark!!!


EUROPEAN LOUNGE cultivates the culture of uninhibited expression of spirit in a letting go direction without any further postponement. People-watching, meeting interesting characters, networking, enjoying the dining experience or just vibing in the mesmerizing lights and premium quality sound, midst beautiful positive and like minded people who don't take life for granted but do take fun seriously. FLORA has it all without all that downtown hassle.


Karpe DM Mission Statement: 


        The Shortest Book 




We are connected to each other biologically to Earth chemically and to the universe atomically. The only sin is not to see the magic of it all. In essence, happiness is like anything else, a perspective, and you are as young as the energy you eminate in the moment. All of us have won the cosmic lottery simply by being alive. Nothing further needs to happen, as a prerequisite, to acquire satisfaction except the change in our own outlook. In life we keep finding ourselves at the only place where we can possibly be, so might as well dance, while we have a chance because it's all good when we fly together in a sweet harmony above the rainbow so high. Dancers don't think evil thoughts. Thus, we are the force for good in the world. 


What a life

What a time to be free 

What a life 

What a time to be you 

and me





MarkoDarko of Karpe DM 

Eur clubbing USA

It's like a little trip to Europe


Five VIP booths available to be booked in advance, $250, includes bottle service choice of Tequila Don Julio Blanko, Gin Hendricks and Vodka Tito's.


Flora Bar & Kitchen (5980 Village Wy)

Dinner or VIP Booth: (858) 461-0622


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