RAWDay (Robert Anton Wilson Day)

At The Museum of History
  • JUL 23
  • 02:00PM PDT
  • Santa Cruz , CA
  • The Museum of History

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General Admission - $20.00



Join us at Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, for a day of talks and tunes celebrating the life and legacy of legendary writer and guerrilla ontologist, Robert Anton Wilson
2017 is the ten year anniversary of Robert Anton Wilson’s death. In 2003, the mayor of Santa Cruz, Emily Reilly, declared July 23rd Robert Anton Wilson Day.  
Wilson predicted “things will continue as they always have, getting weirder all the time.” This event will be a chance to come together and consider how the ideas that Wilson championed - from reality tunnels and model agnosticism to E-Prime - could be just the mental toolkit that we need in these interesting times of fake news and alternative facts... 
Confirmed speakers include:
Christina Pearson - RAW’s daughter, Trustee of the Robert Anton Wilson Trust and Co-Publisher of Hilaritas Press
Daisy Campbell – the writer and director who recently staged the Cosmic Trigger Play in London, to critical acclaim and is a central figure in the UK’s Discordian counterculture revival
 Erik Davis – author and podcaster behind TechGnosis – a seminal writer on the intersection between magic, mysticism and technology
Richard Rasa –  Metaprogramming Director for the RAW Trust and Co-Publisher of Hilaritas Press
In addition to the talks, DJ, record label boss Greg Wilson (no relation) and creator of the Super Weird Happenings taking the UK by storm, will be playing a cosmically-infused set. 
Come and Find the Others, for the love of Bob...
For more information, please contact michelle.olley@gmail.com
Credits for attached images: Robert Anton Wilson graphic by Amoeba Designs; Daisy Campbell image by Geg Donaldson; Robert Anton Wilson photo by Duncan Harvey; Greg Wilson image by Nick Mizen