AUF Presents: Umbrella Nights

At The Kava Lounge
  • FEB 09
  • 09:00PM PST
  • San Diego , CA
  • The Kava Lounge

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Extra Earlybird - $5.00

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Earlybird - $10.00

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GA - $15.00



Welcome to... ☂️🌕UMBRELLA NIGHTS 🌕☂️
The Afternoon Umbrella Friends are here to write a new story for San Diego, one that brings all of those in our beautiful community together in friendship, and allowing local artists, musicians, and dreamers to express themselves, in an unfiltered manner.
Join us at The Kava Lounge for our first edition of Umbrella Nights, where our talented friends Collette, DJ Instagator, TOKE, and Michael Macy will be weaving us through the sounds of disco, house, and techno in a atmosphere with a combination of lights and colors unlike that which you've seen before, courtesy of our talented Experience team™️😘
Doors open at 9PM.