House2ourselves 2nd Birthday w/ Behrouz + Porky presented by Staybad & Flatline

At Spin Nightclub
  • JAN 26
  • 09:30PM PST
  • San Diego , CA
  • Spin Nightclub

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Staybad & Flatline present


House2ourselves 2nd annual Birthday Party w/ BEHROUZ + PORKY on Saturday, January 26th.


If you were at our Birthday party last year, you already know can can expect this party to be absolutely bonkers. Excited to celebrate 2 years of having the House2ourselves with our fam<3


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- Do Not Sit On The Furniture -

**Very few artists need a proper introduction as their name alone speaks for itself and connotes veteran status. BEHROUZ is easily recognized both on the Playa where he has held a highly coveted residency on the Robot Heart bus, as owner / curator of Do Not Sit On The Furniture in Miami Beach, All Day I Dream artist and is well known all over the world having been a household name for those who truly know what's up for well over two decades now. An artist who has seen nearly every inch of the globe as he has shared his music with millions from continent to continent, his name and reputation proceeds him. A DJ's DJ in every sense of the word, Behrouz is a favorite amongst many of the most talented artists and producers on the planet. He is a true story teller and a magician behind the decks evoking powerful emotions through his sound.**



- Desert Hearts -

**A San Diego native, Leon was influenced early on by older brother Mikey Lion and dusty jaunts to Lightning in a Bottle and Black Rock City, but over the past two years, his renown as a DJ and chops on the decks have grown to match his larger-than-life personality.


Porky leveled up his game performing in the mystical jungles of Tulum, the dusty expanses of Burning Man, and perhaps most notably, at the bi-annual Desert Hearts weekenders in Southern California. The group’s ascent from a renegade rager to a dance music phenomenon that has been one of the most celebrated stories in dance music over the past couple of years, and Porkchop’s standout sets and take-no-prisoners party attitude have been at the center of the whole whirlwind.**


Positive Language

- Staybad - H2O -


Arielle Z

- The Deep End - Staybad -





- The Unicorns -

Sprankles is coming in Hawt from LA. As one of LA’s finest underground female Dj’s. She will take you on a journey with her music. Come connect with us through her electric booty house beats. She’s known to get a party started then crush it, typically ending with smiling , twerking, laughter, loving, dope vibes, and oh yeah lots of pop lock and dropping it. So come take a ride with us lil baby, come ride on the mothership.

HOP on the Mothership, and we ride! She’s on a super nova tip when she lets it rip, makes da beats knock hearts skip makes your skin drip 🍩


Post Script

- Staybad - H2O -


Devon Matthew B2B Hello Mikey

- Flatline - H2O -



VOID sound system in BOTH rooms provided by

Rogue Sound Design

(first time a VOID system has been brought into Spin!!)




Vendors & Artists 


King Champion aka Cale Mc--


King Champion aka Cale has been creating art locally in San Diego for a while now and many of us have seen his friendly face doing live painting at many different events throughout San Diego. Cale’s style is always very colorful and vibrant, and makes you feel similarly when viewing and appreciating his art. 



IG: Erick Zavala "EZ"

TakeitEZart aka Erick Zavala lives in a land of creativity and follows the art of flow. His grounding and peaceful energy is always felt through his artwork. “Roughing it smoothly, but most of all Takin’ It EZ.” Most of his art has some kind of psychedelic and enlightened quality to it--he focuses on painting and doodling. 


Marc Krell of Laser Trees


Our mission is to bling you out with high quality, natural hard wood, hand finished, original sacred geometry designs that are laser cut with expert precision and quality.


@ayaheye Instagram



AYAH EYE’s vision is to set intentions that your Rightful Path is longing for. They're here for you to use as a tool to open, release and amplify yourself into your Highest Self. Crystals, mixed metal and paint create the overall structure. These Medicine Vision’s CHOOSE YOU to embrace yourSELF in the Light. What are you creating in your life?


Soul Plane Crystals


@soul plane crystals

Specializing in geological natural wonders like rare crystals, minerals, fossils and meteorites, we offer carefully selected and consciously collected objects for your journey to align with your greater path.  Whether you're a rock hound, energy worker or just starting your collection, we have specimens available at every end of the spectrum.  Also offering intuitive reading and energy alignment services for those inclined. Or just come geek out over sparkly goodies with us!


Wrapped Energy


Handcrafted jewelry made by Moises M. that include wire wrapped crystals & precious stones. 


Ali Dakota

IG: @rigamorte_respecs





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