House2ourselves ft. Egyptian Lover : Staybad & Flatline

At Spin Nightclub
  • SEP 23
  • 03:00PM PDT
  • San Diego , CA
  • Spin Nightclub

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Staybad & Flatline present:
House2ourselves ft. Egyptian Lover (live 808 set)
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Egyptian Lover
**The Egyptian Lover started out as a D.J. in Los Angeles with Uncle Jamms Army doing dances at the L.A. Sports Arena. He began recording around Los Angeles in 1982 as a member of the Radio Crew. In the early days of hip hop, albums were rare, so most of The Egyptian Lover's successful recordings were 12" singles. He would eventually release some of the earliest rap LPs, which was especially unique for being west-coast based, but they were less popular than his singles. But on the strength of containing an alternate mix of his most popular single "Egypt, Egypt", 1984's On the Nile was moderately successful. After a break in the early 1990s, Egyptian Lover returned in 1994 with "Back from the Tomb". His last full-length album in over ten years. Since then he has made "Platinum Pyramids" and "Electro Pharoh" (Digital MP3) and is now working on a New Album entitled "1984" due to be released in 2011.
The Egyptian Lover also established his own record company, Egyptian Empire Records, which included artists such as Rodney O & Joe Cooley.**
Rufus Gibson
- Gourmand Music - Recordings - Fresca Recordings
**Rufus Gibson is a Buffalo native who knows a thing or two about house music. His style is highly reminiscent of the 90s, drawing an immense amount of inspiration straight from Chicago. He has a soulful, funky, jackin' style that is a rare find among young producers and DJs these days. His mixing capabilities paired with the depth of his crate make him arguably one of the best up and coming DJs in the Northeast.**
Josh Manke
- Mad Scientist - Flatline
Pablo Blanco
- Alpha Hyper -
Alii Dakota
Ali does all the thrift diggin' for you and always hooks it up with the killer deals! She's known for her hand made shades which will be available for purchase. Check out her booth at an upcoming H2O party.
Casey Gomez
Specializing in mandala art, Casey Gomez has made a name for himself in the arts community. From canvas paintings, to hand drawings, to massive works of art created on the shorelines of San Diego- this dude can do it all. You’ve likely seen him set up at some of our other H2O parties in the past. He will displaying a few of canvases as well as providing body art
IG: @gomezevolve
Elena Marie Tenaglia--
Elena Tenaglia creates clothing for those who aren’t afraid of life. Her driven and spunky personality comes through in her work whether its sparkles, satin, sequins, as well as many other creative selections when she is sourcing her fabric. Her work is truly one of a kind! Her mission is to bridge the gap between festival fashion and regular everyday fashion. No matter where you are headed, she wants you to feel comfortable and happy in her clothing. Realizing everyone wants to feel the confidence and regal quality of being a performer, she strives to create that for everyone.
IG: @Elenatenaglia_designs
King Champion aka Cale Mc--
King Champion aka Cale has been creating art locally in San Diego for a while now and many of us have seen his friendly face doing live painting at many different events throughout San Diego. Cale’s style is always very colorful and vibrant, and makes you feel similarly when viewing and appreciating his art. His acrylic paintings are what he is mainly known for, but he also creates mosaics and always has his stickers and pendants available.
Living Sedated aka Stephany Burgos
Stephany caught our eye a little over a year ago when we saw Sacha Robotti post some super dope tie-dye shirts. We hit her up via IG and a solid relationship formed instantly. Over the last year, we've been collecting custom tie-dye tapestries and shirts from Stephany. We are beyond stoked to have Stephany come down from LA to set up a tie-dye work shop
There will be limited amount of House2Ourselves shirts available for $20 which includes Stephany's 1-on-1 guidance throughout the tie-dye process. You are also welcome to bring 1 additional piece of your own clothing which you can also tie-dye for additional $10. A few of you have reached out to us in regards to where we source our pieces so now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity!
IG: Living Sedated
TakeitEZart aka Erick Zavala lives in a land of creativity and follows the art of flow. His grounding and peaceful energy is always felt through his artwork. “Roughing it smoothly, but most of all Takin’ It EZ.” Most of his art has some kind of psychedelic and enlightened quality to it--he focuses on painting and doodling. He encourages people to stay weird and for people to simply take it EZ. He is known for his live painting and we are so excited to see what he will be creating this Sunday!
IG: @takeitezart
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