House2ourselves: Heroes & Villains ft. Christian Martin & Nick Monaco

At Worldbeat Cultural Center
  • JUL 22
  • 02:00PM PDT
  • San Diego , CA
  • Worldbeat Cultural Center

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House2Ourselves & Staybad & Flatline Presents

Heroes & Villains ft. Christian Martin & Nick Monaco @ WorldBeat Cultural Center on Sunday, July 22nd on Comic-Con Weekend

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, June 19th at noon

Man, this party is big for us in so many ways and we couldn't be more excited to show you what we have in store. It's our first time bringing H2O to a new, outdoor venue AND it's during Comic-Con weekend which is one of dopest events to be held in San Diego (in our opinion). Comic books and cartoons have been a part of our lives since we were little kids. Just like H2O parties, Comic-Con also brings out nostalgic vibe for most. We invite to a day of dancing with the fam at our Heroes and Villains party with Christian Martin & Nick Monaco and a stacked local line up! Let's all turn into our favorite Heroes & Villains and use our powers to light up the dance floor!


Christian Martin
Trippy Ass Technologies - Dirtybird

While many have previously thought Christian Martin to be birthed from the bass within the stars, the OG Dirtybird co-founder was immersed in music from a very early age. Beginning his musical journey with classical piano at age five, then advancing to jazz theory and eventually becoming involved in bands throughout high school and his formative years.

In 1995, Christian discovered electronic music and sound system culture after attending an event by SoCal’s legendary Moontribe collective. Then after, the prophecy had unveiled itself. Fast forward 8 years in front of giant speakers from New York to London to Detroit, and Christian would act as the catalyst to what we now know as the Dirtybird BBQ. With the swipe of a credit card, he bought the original Dirtybird sound system.

Christian’s intense love for music vibrates through the speakers, floors, and walls at every event he plays. His sixth sense for what make the dancefloor tick, Jedi-like DJ mastery, and connection with the crowd are what make his sets unique and capable of healing. The proof is in the tears of Dirtybird CEO Claude VonStroke, who says that Christian Martin’s DJ set at the inaugural Dirtybird Campout was the only set that ever moved the boss bird to cry.

Thanks to his emotional and psychedelic take on house, techno, and bassy breaks, Christian has developed the reputation as an afterhours & sunrise specialist. He has closed Dirtybird showcases at such diverse locations as Shambhala, Holy Ship, WMC in Miami, and both Dirtybird Campouts

Nick Monaco
- Crew Love - Dirtybird - Soul Clap Records - 

He is a fluid, eclectic spirit, a way of being in the world. He's the guy that you swear that you know from somewhere. But it's not him that you recognize. It's the familiar, essential, pulse of his art and aura.

With his first two albums, Mating Call and Half Naked, Nick Monaco established himself as an irresistibly magnetic, relentlessly creative, and genre-defying artist in dance music. Now, with the creation of his new label, Unisex Records, and his forthcoming LP Heroin Disco, he announces himself again as one of the most original and insightful artists working in the genre. Always creating music toward the values of inclusivity, radical self-expression, the strange and uncanny, Monaco stands as a powerful and positive force against the homogeneity of mainstream dance music, asking everyone to wave their freak flags high along with him. 

On Mating Call, Monaco created a series of personas to explore various facets of his personality. On his last album, Half Naked, he stripped these characters away, writing his most personal music yet. But with 2018’s Heroin Disco, Monaco turns his attention outward: he explores the excesses and emptiness of contemporary America, the relationship between pleasure and self-destruction — inviting the listener at each moment to both enjoy pleasure, and wonder what is at stake in that enjoyment. The album’s ease, psychedelia, and mellifluousness serve not to hide the darker thematic elements, but to frame them—we surreptitiously lose ourselves in the pleasurable wash of sound, only to jolt back to reality with Monaco’s sharp, dystopian lyricism. 

Through his music, enthralling performances, collaborations with artists of all media, impeccable musical curation, and worldwide touring, Nick Monaco has created more than just a holistic sensory experience — he's created a community, a network of lovers


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